07 april / 2020

The Meridian Expedition is visiting Senegal to find and show the development initiatives of the country

The unique four-year round-the-world ethnographic expedition started in Africa in January 2020, going vertically – along the meridian via polar regions, promoting global goals, local sustainable development projects and informing about environment situation. It has now reached Senegal!

The Meridian Expedition will highlight specialists, scientists and students already implementing projects in the field of sustainable development in different countries (waste processing and secondary raw materials, clean water, transport infrastructure, access to medical services, economic development, and climate change). A team of three is exploring countries along the meridian (between -15° -30° and 90° -60°) through Africa, Antarctica, South, Central, North America, the Arctic and Europe – a total of 40 countries. In order to ensure a detailed, thorough and accurate account of the expedition it is necessary to spend a minimum of one month in each country. The approximate duration of the entire expedition is estimated to be 4 years.

One of the outstanding features of such an itinerary is the opportunity to visit the Polar Regions – Antarctica and the Arctic, to highlight the activities of scientific researchers there.

Now the expedition team is exploring Senegal and is based in Dakar. The work of Senegalese universities, scientific communities and researchers, enterprises and projects in the field of sustainable development of different countries -The Meridian Expedition will show that the Senegal is actively developing and that the global processes of change are already in action.

Through contact with local populations, The Meridian Expedition intends to be an “eye-opener” for those who want to see the country's true colours. The destinations will range from capitals and large cities to increasingly rural towns to make the image complete.

The expedition will show the smart side of the country, dispel stereotypes, inspire citizens and the clever enthusiasts to promote projects in the field of the development within the country.

In addition to popularizing science in general, the expedition seeks to establish and deepen the dialogue between scientific communities, universities, students and teachers of different countries. It is time to make smart people popular across the world.

The first year of the expedition will be held in Africa. The intended route along the continent is Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina-Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa.

Feel free to contact the expedition in case you have any tips and suggestions.

Website: themeridianexpedition.com

Whatsapp: +7 926 26 404 33

Expedition members:

Mr. Vasily Ryabov – former diplomat

Ms. Alina Titova - international ecologist

Mr. Yuri Gorlyshev – technical expert